We are looking for motivated multiple postdocs, students, RAs to join the team!
Email Dr. Ma directly if you are interested. [read more…]

2022.11 – Dr. Ma is selected as an Affiliate Member of the New York Genome Center (NYGC).

2022.11 – Dr. Feifei Yuan will join our lab as a new postdoctoral fellow. Welcome!

2022.10 – Welcome Nima Assad joining the lab as the first MD/PhD student!

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2022.09 – Our collaboration with Feng Zhang’s group at Broad Institute is now accepted in Cell. We massive screened every single TF in hESC differentiation by combining SHARE-seq with genetic perturbation and surprisingly found 27% of TF genes could function as master regulators. [read more…]

2022.08 – Ma Lab officially opens in the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai! Join us and work on cool science in the heart of Manhattan! [read more…] & [read more…]

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2022.08 – Our collaborative work is published in Nature Neuroscience. We aim to investigate the regulatory strategies in both early post-mitotic and later stages of neurons from mouse and marmoset neocortex. [read more…]

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2022.06 – We seek to incorporate spatial information with chromatin accessibility for mapping various tissues! Now accepted in Nature. [read more…]

  • A collaboration with Dr. Rong Fan’s group at Yale
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2022.06 – FigR-a very well optimized computational workflow to pair scATAC to scRNA data, and infer gene regulation network for stimulated PBMCs. Now accepted in Cell Genomics. [read more…]

2022.05 – Welcome our first postdoctoral fellow Dr. Bohan Zhu to the lab!

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2022.02 – We use a microfluidic approach, MOWChIP-seq, to investigate the cell-type-specific impact of BRCA1 mutation on human breast tissue. [read more…]

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2021.09 – Our work on investigating the loss of Smarca4 that results in highly advanced dedifferentiated tumors is now in Cancer Discovery! [read more…]

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2021.06 – Gata2b-deficient zebrafish recapitulate human GATA2 deficiency syndrome‚Äďassociated hematopoietic phenotypes. [read more…]

  • A collaboration with Dr. Len Zon’s group at HMS

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2021.06 – Our optimized sci-ATAC protocol is now available in STAR protocols [read more…]

  • A collaboration with Isabella Del Priore and Lindsay LaFave in Tyler Jacks’ Lab at MIT.
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2021.04 – Our work to understand chronic stress that leads to hair loss is in Nature now [read more…]!

  • A collaboration with Dr. Ya-Chieh Hsu’s group at Harvard, led by Dr. Sekyu Choi.
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2021.02 – An interesting story about superenhancer-induced ELF3 activation in trophoblasts is now in PNAS [read more…].

  • A collaboration with Dr. Jack L. Strominger’s group at Harvard, led by Dr. Qin Li.