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Selected Publications

  1. Ma, S., Zhang, B., LaFave L., Chiang, Z., Hu Y., Ding, J., Brack, A., Kartha, V., Law, T., Lareau C., Hsu, Y.C., Regev, A. & Buenrostro, J. Chromatin potential identified by shared single-cell profiling of RNA and chromatin. Cell, 183, 1103-1116 (2020).
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  3. Ma, S., Hsieh, Y., Ma, J. & Lu, C. Low-input and multiplexed microfluidic assay reveals epigenomic variation across cerebellum and prefrontal cortex (SurfaceChIP-seq). Science Advances, 4, eaar8187 (2018).
  4. Zhang, Q., Ma, S. Liu, Z., Zhu, B., Zhou, Z., Li, G., Meana, J. J., González-Maeso, J., Lu, C. Droplet-based bisulfite sequencing for high-throughput profiling of single-cell DNA methylomes. Nature Communications, 14, 4672 (2023).
    • High-throughput single-cell DNA methylation profiling technology
  5. Joung, J., Ma, S.*, Tay, T.* Geiger-Schuller, K.R.*, Kirchgatterer, P.C., Verdine, V.K., Guo, B. Arias-Garcia, A.A., E. Allen, W. E., Singh, A., Kuksenko, O., Abudayyeh, O. O., Gootenberg, J. S., Fu, Z., Macrae, R.K., Buenrostro, J.D., Regev, A. & Zhang, Z. A transcription factor atlas of directed differentiation. Cell, 186, 209-229 (2023).
    • Massive screening of every single TF in hESCs
  6. Deng, Y., Bartosovic, M., Ma, S., Zhang, D., Kukanja, P., Xiao, Y., Su, G., Liu, Y., Qin, X., Rosoklija, G.B., Dwork, A.J., Mann, J.J., Xu, M.L., Halene, S., Craft, J.E., Leong, K.W., Boldrini, M., Castelo-Branco, G. & Fan, R. Spatial profiling of chromatin accessibility in mouse and human tissues. Nature, 609, 375–383 (2022).
  7. Kartha V., Duarte F., Hu Y., Ma, S. Chew, J., Lareau, C., Earl, A., Burkett, Z., Kohlway, A., Lebofsky, R. & Buenrostro. J. Functional Inference of Gene Regulation using Single-Cell Multi-Omics. Cell Genomics, 2, 100166 (2022).
  8. Yuan, W., Ma, S., Brown, J., Kim, K., Murek, V., Trastulla, L., Meissner, A., Lodato, S., Shetty, A., Levin, J., Buenrostro, J., Ziller, M. & Arlotta, P. Temporally-Divergent Regulatory Mechanisms Govern Neuronal Development and Diversification in the Neocortex. Nature Neuroscience, 25, 1049–1058 (2022).
    • Transcriptomic and epigenomic diversity at single-cell level in mouse and marmoset brain
  9. Concepcion, C., Ma, S., Bhutkar, A., Liu, M., DeAngelo, L.P., Kim, J.Y., Priore, I.D., Schoenfeld, A.J., Miller, M., Kartha, V.K., Westcott, P.M.K., Sánchez-Rivera, F.J., Meli, K., Gupta, M., Bronson, R.T., Riely, G.J., Rekhtman, N., Rudin, C.M., Kim, C.F., Regev, A., Buenrostro J.B. & Jacks, T. Smarca4 inactivation promotes lineage-specific transformation and early metastatic features in the lung. Cancer Discovery, 12(2), 562-585 (2021).
    • Genetic mutation increases lung tumor burden in mouse and human patients
  10. Choi, S., Zhang, B., Ma, S., Gonzalez-Celeiro, M., Stein, D., Jin, X., Kim, S.T., Kang, Y-L, Besnard, A., Rezza, A., Grisanti, L., Buenrostro, J.D. Rendl, M., Nahrendorf, M., Sahay, A. & Hsu, Y-C. Corticosterone inhibits GAS6 to govern hair follicle stem-cell quiescence. Nature, 592, 428–432 (2021).
  11. Zhang, B., Ma, S., Rachmin, I., He, M., Baral, P., Choi, S., Gonçalves, W.A., Shwartz, Y., Fast, E.M., Su, Y., Zon, L.I., Regev, A., Buenrostro, J.D., Cunha, T.M., Chiu, I.M., Fisher, D.E. & Hsu, Y.C. Hyperactivation of sympathetic nerves drives depletion of melanocyte stem cells. Nature, 577, 676-681 (2020).
  12. LaFave, L., Kartha, V.*, Ma, S.*, Meli, K., Priore, I.D., Lareau, C., Naranjo, S., Westcott, P.M.K., Duarte, F.M., Sankar, V., Chiang, Z., Brack, A., Law, T., Hauck, H., Okimoto, A., Regev, A., Buenrostro, J.D. & Jacks, T. Epigenomic state transitions characterize tumor progression in lung adenocarcinoma. Cancer Cell, 38, 212-228, (2020). (* equal contribution)
  13. Lareau, C., Ma, S., Duarte F., & Buenrostro J. Inference and effects of barcode multiplets in droplet-based single-cell assaysNature Communications, 11, 866 (2020).
    • Computational identification of doublets in single-cell sequencing data


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  1. Yan, H. Ma, S., Kartha, V. et al. Single-cell multi-scale footprinting reveals the modular organization of DNA regulatory elements. bioRxiv (2023)

Additional Publications

  1. Ma, S., Regev, A. & Buenrosto, J. SHARE-seq V1. (2021).
  2. Del Priore, I.*, Ma, S.*, Strecker, J., Jacks, T., LaFave, L. & Buenrosto, J. Protocol for single-cell ATAC-sequencing using combinatorial indexing. STAR protocols, 100583 (2021). (* equal contribution) 
  3. Ma, S., Murphy, T. W. & Lu, C. Microfluidics for genome-wide studies involving next generation sequencing.Biomicrofluidics, 11, 021501 (2017). (review)
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  4. Ma, S., Bryson, B.D., Sun, C., Fortune, S. M. & Lu, C. RNA extraction from a mycobacterium under ultrahigh electric field intensity. Analytical Chemistry, 88, 5053-5057 (2016).
  5. Ma, S., Loufakis, D. N., Cao Z., Chang Y., Achenie, L. EK & Lu C. Diffusion-based microfluidic PCR for “one-pot” analysis of cells. Lab on a Chip, 14, 2905-2909 (2014).
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  6. Ma, S., Schroeder, B., Sun, C., Loufakis, D. N., Cao, Z. Sriranganathan, N. & Lu, C. Electroporation-based delivery of cell-penetrating peptide conjugates of peptide nucleic acids for antisense inhibition of intracellular bacteria. Integrative Biology2014, 973-978 (2014).
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